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  The story behind Bloody Daisies

You've got less than twenty words for your pitch!

Bloody Daisies is a no budget comedy horror movie written to a set of Dogme style rules.

No budget? Don't you mean low budget?

Nope, we mean no budget, that was one of the rules of the film.

Rules? Tell me more.

Way back in the midsts of not so long ago,two old friends, David White and Cameron Kerr met for coffee, to catch up on old times and drink yet more coffee. Shortly afterwards, somewhere vaguely located between a car park and and a book shop, the unspeakable words : "I want to make a horror film" were uttered. To which the other replied: "Let's do it!....but we'll need a manifesto."

I'm intrieged, go on.

Dave and Cameron, drawing on their backgrounds in film making and animation respectively, knew the project was feasible. Whilst musing of the impracticalites of orchestrating such a task around their working world they decided to set up a list of rules to govern the way they should work. In retrospect, almost half of the rules were broken, but they still managed to finish the film and keep it true to it's original intentions.

What's it called then?

A film title and a production company name were needed. Over much coffee and deliberation "Custárd Repair Productions" was chosen for the production company, probably due to it's improbale French pretensions and great British reserve.

Créme Anglais is French for custard? Hey, there's no accent in custárd is there? You've made it up!

Maybe, but it sounds good....Anyway at this point they had no idea what the film would entail or would possibly be about. Only they needed a title, if only to name it by; a couple of words to build the story upon. Many salacious, horrific and downride rude titles were bounded about much to the changrin of the poor lady sat next to them. After even more coffee, a title was agreeed upon: Bloody Daisies.

Bloody Daisies. It better feature some blood soaked flowers in it!

Daisy is also a girl's name, remember.

So what is it? A teen slasher flick with loads of horrible and disturbing killings of mindless but riduculously good looking college students?


Or a monster movie with some horrible mutant creature formed from toxic waste and hatred seeking revenge?


Or maybe a vampire movie where there are loads of sultry vampires that feed of the scum of society?

Not even close.

Or an unholy army of undead mummies trying to win back their precious flower arranging award?

I like that one, but once again no. You're gonna be dissapointed aren't you?.

What's it about then?

A dating horror..

What? Because trying to find love in the twenty first century is just plain scary?

It's a comedy-horror. A film which couldn't rely on a budget for it's element of horror would also include humour as well. A "horror giggle" to better describe a new sub-genre.

Okay, after picking a title how did it all start?

David wrote the first half of the film setting up the characters and basic premise and Cameron would pick up the pieces and knit them back together in the second half. The rest they say is history...

So, really, what's the film actually about, then?

Two guys, one girl and a spade. It's a blind date that can only go wrong. With horrific results.