Good News! I've infected the New York with my charm! Well, in a matter of speaking, both metaphorically and geographically! Pesticide plays as part of the shorts for
Tromadance - the world's fiercest independent film festival which plays in New Jersey April 17-18. Check out the glossy brochure! When I say glossy, you'll have to print it out on shiny paper for that effect to take place.

Pesticide has been added to selection of Shorts::Cut. That's easily confused with another festival that sounds the same, but isn't! And only a fool would mix them up! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!.... Excuse me. Suprisingly Shorts::Cut was a genuinely charming evening of independent film makers from Hampshire. Where else can you see just diverse films as comedy horror, documentaries on BMX championships, ballet for older ladies, films that encompass the awkwardness of first dates and of course films with good looking guys like me in?

Apparently Pesticide played as part of the Exeter Film Festical at Glastonbury music festival. If you did see a film with a charming talking fly do let me know. However I don't need to know if you bumped in Jim Morrison and his unicorn again!

I am pleased to announce that Pesticide is being shown as part of the official selection at
SoHo Shorts Festival, in London, Dahling, at the end of July. London, Dahling, London! Not bad for a creature who lives in bin.

You want to see Pesticide? Well it's being entered into film festivals around the world. If You want a sneaky peak then have a look at those
production images. Mmm I make them look good! If you want to glance your peepers over them do so. I'd like to show you the somewhat notoriously controversial and scandalous imagery which gives the film a 12A certificate and lasts only two and a bit seconds in the film, but I won't. No no no. Animation is for grown-ups who should know better!

Pesticide has been banned from Chicago! ...Actually I just made that up in a shameless attempt to court contriversy... contriversal, contri.... I was just too unsettling for them! I tell you!

Pesticide was awarded the High Commendation at Exeter Film Festival in the Screen Out Loud category.

I am overflowing with joy knowing that Pesticide has been added to the one and only
Internet Movie Database.
One day, in perfect world, someone, somewhere, will be wise enough to hold a Pesticide festival! - You know for all three films titled Pesticide. Let's see now there's
Pesticide the animated film,

Pesticide, where Giant Roaches take over New York in a kind of Monster Movie.
and then there's
Grapes of Death, otherwise entitled Pesticide, by Jean Rollin with the Undead rising from poisoned vineyards.

It's murder in the office!

pesticide fly
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