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Bloody Daisies is a short no budget independent horror comedy film, devised and created by David White and Cameron Kerr. Bloody Daisies is a essentially a dating horror film; that rarely entered into sub-genre.

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Bloody Daisies - Nightmare After Christmas. We are please to announce that Blody Daisies will be showing as part of the films at the
Phoenix Fear Festivalalong with films like Sexy Killer (hmmm, I wonder what that's all about) Anyhoo it's the world's only horror festival in January!
Check out the poster
Phoenix Fear FIlm Festival

We're hosted on our own domain. The Bloody Daisies website has been updated and is now hosted from it own domain sorting out a few wrinkles in the extreme ironng world of cyberspace.

We've won an award!

Bloody Daisies scooped the best sound award at the Tabloid Witch awards.

Tabloid Witch Award

We've been Buried Alive!!

It's warming up to the horror season (the month that other people call October) and we're very happy to announce that Bloody Daisies is being shown as part of the Scary Shorts screenings at the
Buried Alive Horror Film Festival in Atlanta!

Fright Night

Get your Freak on!

Bloody Daisies is going to get it's freak on and get shown as part of the
Freak Show Horror Festival in Florida. In October, the traditional month for horror film.

We supported other film makers from the area at
Shorts::Cut. In an unusual venue that we can only say resembles the Death Star.

(Artists impression)
A throughly wholesome display of independent films. A good time had by all.

We are very pleased to announce that Bloody Daisies is part of the official selection for Fright Night Film Festival. Check out the poster

Fright Night